Abortion has been in the news lately because of the American election. Donald TrumpAfbeeldingsresultaat voor abortion has made his opinion on this issue quite clear, he is against abortion. He said that he thinks abortion should be abolished because it is murder and thus a crime. He also said women who choose abortion should be punished for it.

So the issue “abortion” is a pretty big one. A lot of people are for and a lot of people are against it. Linking this back to the American election, the people for abortion are the democrats and the people against abortion are the republicans. There is a pretty clear explanation as to why this is. As is well known the republicans are quite conservative and the democrats are more on the progressive side. The republicans therefore want to conserve everything as it is, or go back to how things used to be. Abortion used to be illegal because people saw it as murder. Especially the strictly religious people thought abortion was a crime against god. God gave you the gift of a child and getting it removed was throwing away god’s gift. Nowadays most people believe something very different. If you as a woman get pregnant without planning it, you should be able to get the child removed. If you for instant, aren’t in a position in which you can take good care of the child, it is only a bad thing for the child to be born. If the child then is born, it most likely won’t have a very good life. Or if a woman is for example raped, if she is pregnant with the rapist’s child most people nowadays understand that the woman would not want the child. Then there are those people who say: “It was her own fault she got raped, she was wearing provocative clothing and was flirting. If she’d have been more careful she wouldn’t have been in this position.” These people have probably voted for Donald Trump because he shares this opinion. But there is another side to this issue. Until when is abortion legal. When does the baby get to the point of being a real human being. Many people think differently about this. Some people consider the baby a real human when you can hear its heartbeat. Some people think it’s when it has the ability to feel pain. Again others think that this point is when the baby develops organs. In Holland you can have the baby aborted until it is 24 weeks old. Because if the baby than would be born doctors would be able to keep it alive outside the womb.

My personal opinion on this issue is that abortion can be a good thing and should not be abolished. One of my previous examples was; what if a woman gets raped? It is not the woman’s fault that that one guy decided he wanted to have sex with her even if she didn’t. Of course when the woman then gets pregnant she doesn’t want the child. If she does have the child she’ll be reminded of that one horrible evening every day. Another example is; what if a 15-year-old gets pregnant? What is she supposed to do? She can go to her parents for help, but what if they get mad. Most 15-year-olds are not in a good position to take good care of a child. They are still going to school, and the baby would not have a good life because either, it doesn’t see its mother often for the first years of its life because she is going to school and university to get a good job. Or its mother stops going to school to care for her baby and therefore doesn’t get a good job and enough money to take care of the child. I do think that there should be a clear limit to until when abortion is allowed. I think you should be able to abort the baby until the point where you can see it is a little human. So when the baby develops arms, legs, facial features, and so on you shouldn’t be allowed to abort it anymore.

So abortion is a big social issue which is probably never going to be solved, there will always be a clear division of who’s for it and who’s against it. But I do hope the people in America can come to some sort of compromise, otherwise many young women there might have a big problem.

Renske Pouwels