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Positive discrimination in the workplace — 19 January 2017

Positive discrimination in the workplace

We all know discrimination is still a big issue in the world, but ever heard of positive discrimination? It is the opposite of discrimination and whilst that sounds pretty good, it can also lead to the same problems as discrimination does. It happens between people with different origins, believes and gender.

A large part of the representation on company boards exist out of man. Female representation has been an issue in these last couple of years. Positive discrimination is there to make sure that changes. But is it also fair to the working male?

Positive discrimination in the workplace happens a lot these days. Whenever women and men with exactly the same experience and qualification apply for a job, positive discrimination occurs. The female candidates will get employed only to decrease the proportion of men and women working in that position.

Having women working and being positive members of society instead of stereotyping them as house wife of the family who is taking care of the kids is good for a society’s development. Rather than putting women in the traditional role, taking them in board of a company can really help with getting better results. In this way, different points of views and expertise are being considered that might haven’t even been discussed by a boardroom that only consists out of men. A woman analyses things differently than a man would, that’s just the way it is.

Some people find the positive discrimination towards women unfair to men. It isn’t right to rather employ women just because they are the minority. Especially when it means hiring unsuitable people just to create balance between male and female. Positive discrimination can also result in women getting an higher income and better contracts. This last one I find very unfair. People should get paid equally for the equal work they do. I agree with the fact that more should be in boards of companies but it can’t be that a female gets paid better than a men for exactly the same job.

Of course positive discrimination not only happens on the work floor and between men and women. It happens in many more places and between different groups of people. I think there should be a line somewhere in between the fact that women are getting a job quicker than a man would and the fact that women get paid higher for exactly the same work, because that really doesn’t make sense to me.

Charlotte Jansen, A4d

First world problems — 11 January 2017

First world problems

We all know the problem, you’re going out for lunch and you pick out a nice spot to sit. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor first world problemsYou order something to drink and after a while you’ve chosen what you want to eat so you tell the waiter what you want. You also emphatically tell him to not put tomato on your sandwich, because you don’t like it. You’re just sitting there with your friends having a grand ol’ time, and then the waiter brings you your sandwich. You’re starving cause you hadn’t eaten since this morning, so you cheerfully take a big bite, but after the second chew you start to notice something. No, could this really be? Did they forget? You lift the top piece of bread of your sandwich and you make a horrendous discovery. The cooks forgot to take the tomato off.

This is a great example of the problem I want to talk about in this blog. We complain about the fact our waiter forgot to tell the cook we didn’t like tomato, meanwhile people all over the world are begging for any kind of food because they’re actually starving. First world problem might not seem like a very big problem but because of this many people in the first world stay ignorant to the fact that there are people in this world who actually have it bad.

Many people in third world countries such as many countries in Africa and South-America are living in unbearable conditions. They are getting paid less than a dollar a day and have to eat anything they can and sleep on the streets. People that are lucky enough to go to school usually don’t finish it because school books and uniforms are expensive and their family already can’t pay for basic necessities, but without school you can’t get a better job and earn more money. So many people are stuck in this endless cycle of no money and lack of education.

I think that we, as people in the first world, need to stop complaining about every little thing. We are lucky that we can sleep under a roof, eat whenever we want to, and go to school. A lot of people my age complain about having to go to school while children in third world countries are begging to. People in this world are dying, so stop complaining about life.

Renske Pouwels