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Lack of privacy on social media — 23 February 2017

Lack of privacy on social media

We all know that over the past years we have become obsessed by social media. Many people are connected to one or more social media accounts. Everything we do is posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  This is the new way to communicate with others. Most people will only look at the positive sides of social media, but I will acknowledge the negative sides of social networks in this article.

The websites we visit are being registered by the use of cookie, which we of course accept because we don’t want that annoying bar to be in our way. The internet is one of the worst breaches of privacy ever invented. But who is there to blame for our decrease in privacy because of social media and the internet in general? The users for posting their private lives on their accounts and accepting al terms without thinking, or the people who are behind the cookies?

Most of the social media users are not aware of the danger that comes with having an account. You are voluntary placing personal information for example your address, date of birth and work. this content is usually for the benefit of your friends, but what the majority of people doesn’t realises is that this information is open to more people than just your circle of friends.

One reason for this unawareness is that the network sites often enable the settings for your account. Another reason is just the lack of interest. Not everyone is interested in who look at your personal.

Renske van Dokkum, A4d

Legalization of party drugs — 16 February 2017

Legalization of party drugs

Al lot of party drugs are still completely legal. The party drug 4-FA is very popular in the Netherlands but on the first of April it will become illegal. The drug has been on the market since 2007 and it has been legal to sell, produce and use the drug.  Will the fact that the drug becomes illegal help with the reduce of incidents caused by the drug or will it only become more dangerous for people to use it secretly?

4-FA was seen as a light form of XTC. You kept more control and until September of 2016 any serious risks of health problems weren’t known.  The drug was popular because it had the same effects as ecstasy, but it wasn’t as strong as the hard drug. Now there is new evidence to believe that the drug can lead to serious heart problems and strokes. Some people are against to prohibition of the drug. They think it will only more dangerous for the users of the drug now the producers are working illegally.

When the drug becomes illegal people won’t immediately stop using it. The people who make the drugs aren’t checked up on because it has to happen in secret. In this way they can easily change the drug to make it stronger, more addictive and maybe even more dangerous without the governments knowing.
Supporters of the drug prohibition say that it sends a message to the users when the drug is made illegal. In this way the those people know that it can bring some serious risks when you use the drug and people might think a little longer about whether or not to use the drug.

It is very hard to control the illegal drug market and therefore I think it might be better to leave some drugs for legal use. It is almost impossible to make sure no one is using any illegal drugs and because of this the drug can only become more dangerous. Of course I realize that some  drugs should really be illegal, like those who bring serious health risks and those who are extremely addictive. But drugs like 4-FA whThe-Libertarian-Argument-For-Legalizing-Marijuanaich has been used for a few years by a lot of people, might be better to stay legal. People who have used the drug before will not stop using it just because now it is illegal. People know the risks and should be wise enough to take responsibility for their own body and health.

Charlotte Jansen, A4d