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Obesity — 21 April 2017


Food proportions are getting bigger, fast food is getting cheaper and modern technology doesn’t give us the need to go outside anymore. All of those things listed above are changes that have more than doubled the amount of people with obesity since 1980.  Obesity is taking many life’s, because of the hart and vascular diseases that come with having obesity. Even when obesity doesn’t kills you, it can still ruin your life by recalling your ability to play sports or even walk. It can also play a big role in your social life and this often isn’t in a positive way.

You may wonder how obesity is increasing over the years. First of all the food proportion are quickly getting bigger. Especially in America the seize of a drink isn’t healthy anymore.
Secondly unhealthy food is a lot cheaper than normal food, for example you can get  bag of crisps for just 45 cents and an strawberries can costs 3 euros. This makes it much more attractive to buy a few bag of crisps then you’re in the grocery store instead of a few pieces of fruit.
An increase in physical inactivity due to the nature of many forms of work, changing modes of transportation, and increasing urbanization are the last factors that play a role in obesity. Those factors have been increasing over the past years and that is way obesity is a growing social problem.
not only he disease itself is a big social problem, but the costs that come with it is also a big issue. If the people with diabetes and heart disease would decrease there will be less charges for all the people.

There are many people involved in this social problem, such as the food producers and the people in developed countries who have access to the enormous amount of unhealthy food. Obesity is a disease that can be prevented, therefore it’s necessary to fight if you can in my opinion. But how are we going to fight it?

If people aren’t able to know for themselves how to live a healthy life they should be helped by the government. I think the best way in which the government can help in fighting obesity is to teach people how to live a healthy life and where can you teach this better than in a school? If we learn children how to live healthy from a young age they will think it’s normal and continue living like that, habitual evolution. Another advantage of teaching this in school is that you will get to every student through compulsory education. This is different than putting up a commercial or campaign, because that will never reach such a big group.
So therefore I believe that teaching children how to live healthy will evolve in a healthier community.

Renske van Dokkum, A4d

Game piracy in third world countries — 13 April 2017

Game piracy in third world countries

People in third world countries obviously have less money than we do. However, the children who live in those countries still have the same desires as first world children. Video games, for example, is very popular in the first world, but it can hardly be afforded by third world gamers. Is it therefore okay for people in the third world to use pirated games, while first world gamers pay the full price for a video game?

First of all, what is game piracy actually? Pirated games are games which are illegally downloaded from the internet and are therefore much cheaper than the original games, or even free. There are different reasons for people to illegally download game. In first world countries the biggest reason is because the original game is very expensive and people want to have it for free, even though they could afford it. Another reason is that it’s the only way to obtain a video games as it never came out in a particular continent. In the third world, the biggest reason for game piracy is because they do not have enough money to buy the original game. People who live in such countries do it because of poverty.piracy

Piracy in third world countries isn’t done because they have the intention to destroy the gaming industry. It’s done because they live in poverty and just do not have the money to buy a game. Another reason for the third world is that the game might haven’t came out in the country. If this is the case, the developers of the game already didn’t have anything to earn from that country or continent, therefore they have nothing to lose.

Of course, game piracy is still stealing in a way, but when a video game here cost you the wage of an hour, the same game could cost people from a poor country a day or maybe even a week of work.

Game piracy is obtaining a video game for free by illegally downloading it. In the first world it happens mostly because people just want to have it for free, while people in the third world do it because they really cannot afford it. The poorer people do it not because they want to destroy the market but just because they don’t have the money, therefore it is okay for them to illegally obtain a video game although it is still stealing.

Charlotte Jansen, A4d