Last Monday evening, the 2nd of May, there has been a terror attack during a concert of Ariana Grande. 22 life’s have been taken and there are dozens of people heavily injured, amongst them are many children. The terrorist group IS claims the same night responsibility for this attack. Greater Manchester Police declared the incident a terrorist attack and suicide bombing. It was the deadliest attack in the United Kingdom since the 7 July 2005 London bombings.

There are many different people involved in the problem of terrorist attack. Of course there are the victims. Many, many victims which are normal, innocent people who find themselves on the wrong place at the wrong time. Most of these people don’t have the power to do anything about this tragic problem, because they aren’t the once responsible for that job.
The once who are responsible for this job are the people with power, such as the queen herself, the prime  minister and the minister of defence. They try their hardest to prevent terrorism, but if it does happen they aren’t the once to blame ( which most people think they are ). The people who are responsible for the terrorist attacks are the guilty ones. Those people who are willing to die for something they think it’s a good cause and where this is permitted by their religion are the once to blame. These people usually are part of a bigger terrorist group, which in case of the Manchester attack is the IS. Because of the many different people that are involved in these tragic terrorist attacks, this is called a social problem.

The biggest issue are the religious people who are willing to die for which they think is a good cause and take many innocent people with them. This is the first absolute first reason for this social problem, the second however is the lack of security to prevent those terrorist attacks and the question here is; How far should we go to prevent the terrorist attacks? Think of closing border in Europe, have more social security and invade people’s privacy? Who says that that will help? If people are willing to give up their life and take others with them, there will be some people that will succeed, for sure.

I think this social problem is really hard to solve, because how do you reason with unreasonable people and persuade them that the good cause were they are fighting for isn’t good at all?  The only thing reasonable solution to this problem is education. You should educate the children who are in risk to become a terrorist and teach them about different point of views. Maybe they will become reasonable human beings. But I don’t have much faith, reasoned by a realistic point of view, that we can ever stop terrorism .

Renske van Dokkum, A4d