Imagine you get severe illness in the Netherlands, the only thing you should worry about is getting better. The costs for your treatment are covered  by all the people in the Netherlands, including yourself, because of the health insurance we all pay. This is not the case in America. When you get severely sick or just break a leg and you aren’t wealthy enough to afford the hospital bills the only reliability you have is charity. This is because of the liberal thinking in America, everybody should take care of their own business.

In the Netherlands everybody is obligated by the law to have a basic health insurance and the medicine market is regulated by the government. This isn’t the case in America, it actually is the absolute opposite. Many people don’t have a health insurance, because it is too expensive and they are hoping they will not need hospital help. The medicine market is a free market that’s no regulated by the government. This results in too expensive medicine that many people can’t afford. The producers of medicine will only produce profitable medicines.
Who are involved in this social problem you may ask? First of all the current president Donald Trump. He is the one who supports the liberal thinking and is against the idea of a basic health insurance for everybody. Furthermore the government is also responsible for not taking part in the medicine market, although this would be much better. The other people that are involved are of course the American citizens who are the victims  of this health care system.

I think this is a problem which should be as soon as possible be solved, because health is one of the most important things in life and should be taken very serious. I’m not the only one who thinks that there need to be some changes made in the American health care system. Obama, the former president of the United States, had recognized the same problem and came up with the idea of  Obamacare.

Obamacare is a new law that especially made some big changes in the health care insurances. It was mandatory for all Americans to get a basic health insurance, the people that refuse to get an health insurance are obligated to pay 95 euros extra taxes each year. If Obama got through with this law there wouldn’t be any Americans who should leave their house, because they cannot afford the hospital bill. Unfortunately when Donald Trump became president last year the Obama care was shut down and the American health care system is back to its old liberal way. So there is a solution to this social problem, but the people are not so far that they will get through with the solution, unfortunately.

Renske van Dokkum, A4d