Everybody knows how dangerous or even deadly it can be. On top of that, it’s illegal and the amount of the fine is 230 Euros. Still, too many people are calling, texting or even playing games on their phone while they are driving. The amount of car accidents has increased to half a million in the last year. The presumption is that the use of the mobile phones while driving is the main cause of this increase. Many people are involved in this, because there are a lot of unnecessary accidents with innocent victims.

You can find warnings and campaigns to avoid the phone use while driving everywhere, even on social media. The apps that are used also often give a notification which tells you not to use their app while driving, but still his is not enough to stop the people from doing it..

There are no exact statistics of the number of drivers that use their mobile phone while driving. The reason for many people to use their phone is because they find it difficult to stay offline for such a ”long” time. In a way, they are addicted to the internet. A lot of the drivers can’t handle it to be unavailable during the ride, especially the young ones.

This is not the only reason. Many people are too stubborn to listen to the warnings and campaigns. They want to decide for themselves if they are able to use their phone while driving without causing accidents. They feel that if somebody else isn’t able to use their phone without causing accidents, this doesn’t count for them as well.  Many people also are willing to take the risk, because the chance that you will get caught by the police is very small.

Personally I think it’s great that there already are campaigns and warnngs on the phone use in the car and I think we should continue making these only on a bigger scale next to the highway for example. Another great solution would be that the police checks way more often for people using their phones while driving and increase the fine for this. Also, there are some providers that are trying to make the phone switch off automatically when you drive faster than a certain speed. I think this is a great idea, because people won’t have a choice whether or not to go on their phones and won’t be attempted to. I think that the notification some apps give should not just say ”don’t go on your phone while driving”, but it should be a message with a bigger impact on the driver. For example a photo or a story about an accident with an innocent victim just like he warnings on cigarette packaging.

Renske van Dokkum, A4d